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Basement Waterproofing in Mendon, NY

Are you tired of dealing with a wet, musty basement in Mendon, NY? It’s time to take action and transform your basement into a dry and healthy space. Basements are often the most vulnerable areas of our homes when it comes to water damage. Whether it’s caused by poor drainage, foundation cracks, or plumbing leaks, basement water damage can lead to serious health problems for our loved ones, including respiratory issues and allergies due to mold growth. Not only that, but basement water damage can also cause property damage, lowering the value of our homes and potentially leading to costly repairs.

Request an estimate from EcoSpect today and start your journey towards a healthier home. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience needed to provide innovative and sustainable solutions that will keep your basement dry for years to come. We understand that each home is unique, which is why we offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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At EcoSpect, we understand that basement waterproofing services can be a significant investment for homeowners. That’s why we offer flexible payment and financing options to fit your budget. With a wide range of credit plans to choose from and no prepayment penalties, you can choose a payment plan that suits your needs.

Protect Your Family & Investment

Keep your family safe and protect your investment with our expert basement waterproofing services, ensuring a dry and secure home.

Why Choose EcoSpect in Mendon, NY?

As homeowners, we know how important it is to keep our families safe and healthy. That’s why we want to share with you the importance of choosing basement waterproofing services from EcoSpect. Choosing EcoSpect as your basement waterproofing company comes with several advantages, including our experienced and knowledgeable team, who deliver innovative solutions to keep your home healthy and dry. We prioritize sustainability and use eco-friendly, long-lasting solutions. We take pride in our high level of customer satisfaction and work to ensure our clients are always happy with our work.


At EcoSpect, we’re committed to ensuring that your basement is a safe and healthy living space for you and your family. Don’t compromise on your health and well-being any longer. Choose us and transform your basement into a space that promotes optimal health and well-being.

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Basement Waterproofing FAQs

Will installing an exterior drain to divert water from my yard/driveway stop water entry into my basement?

The short answer is no. Why not: Water takes the path of least resistance. A properly functioning and properly installed footer drain will provide a pathway of least resistance and direct water away from the home or structure. Footer drains fail over time as sediments enter and build up in the drain system. When a footer drain has failed or is beginning to fail hydraulic pressure builds up and begins to seep into the home through a newly found and unwanted path of least resistance. Replacement or repair of the failed drain is the best approach to correcting water intrusion in the basement or crawl space.

Will replacing my gutters stop the water from entering my basement?

Drain systems can vary in cost depending on site specific conditions. EcoSpect has a proprietary product with six levels that enable our customers to choose their level of protection. The entire system is modular and enables customers to build onto their system overtime. This offers a solution for various budgets. These levels also provide warranties backed by EcoSpect and the through the manufacturer.

Will the actual cost exceed my quote?

No, we stand behind our quoted costs.

Is there financing available?

Yes, EcoSpect offers competitive finance options. These options are flexible to your budget and are simple to use.

Will you provide referrals in my area?

Yes, references are available. We always ask previous customer’s permission but are happy to connect you with a reference.

Do I need to be onsite at all times during installation?

No, many of our customers will continue onto their jobs or run daily errands. However, customers that have an interest in checking in with us are always welcome.

What do I need to do to prepare before you begin?

EcoSpect requires there to be at least 6 feet of space between the foundation wall and the stored items in the basement space. Covering your personal items yourself is optional. Our team will cover the items with plastic prior to beginning the project. We do request our customers move their personally stored items toward the center of the room prior to beginning the work scope.

Will there be much noise/dust during the installation?

Although you may need to turn up the volume when your favorite song comes on our noise is temporary whereas your dry healthy basement is forever. Noise is a part of the project in the first day or two of a typical installation. Our team wears ear protection when running concrete equipment. Typically, our customers remain in the comfort of their main living space while the team is at work.

How will you limit the dust?

Cleanliness is important to the EcoSpect crew. Although it is a construction scene and relation conditions should be anticipated. Dust control is important and silica dust laws require the use of HEPA filtration and of self-cleaning vacuums systems to be used when jackhammering and removing concrete. These vacuums are highly effective at collecting air borne dust particles from concrete (silica). Additionally, the EcoSpect team covers personal items in the work zone, blocks off rooms outside the work scope, uses drop cloths, and will wipe down horizontal surfaces upon completion. Customer satisfaction is an important component to our values, cleanliness plays a significant role.

How high must the wall protection be?

The manufacture requirements of our wall vapor system are to be at least six inches above grade. We typically will install the vapor barrier system to approximately 2” below the sill plate. The vapor system is sealed and pinned to remain air tight behind your newly finished walls.

Where does the sump pump empty?

Sump pumps are discharged away from the home so water being discharged does not recycle back into the basement drain at the footer. This is achieved by burying a 3-inch line below grade to drain water to a desired location.

What if a puddle develops in my yard?

Pooling water in a yard may happen depending on rain levels and saturation. EcoSpect will always review discharge locations and our customers always have the opportunity to agree with where a discharge line is located.

How do I maintain the system after installation?

The first annual maintenance service is included with the installation of our system. We focus on a turn key product and the EcoSpect team will maintain your system for you. We have a proprietary sealed and maintainable system that provides cleanup ports and a serviceable sump system to ensure debris and sediments do not build up in your drain system.

What if I don't have a maintenance plan?

Maintenance is highly recommended. EcoSpect makes it simple and affordable. It is our goal to ensure your system lasts indefinitely. Our maintenance plan protects you and your basement drain system.

Can I cover over the clean out ports with carpet, tile or flooring?

Yes, our cleanup ports are flush to the top of the concrete floor. Give us a call to show you examples of what other customers have done.

My project is complete but there is a line of moisture along the concrete edge. What is this?

Replacement concrete is used to cover the drain after installation. Concrete is mixed with water. It takes time for moisture to dry out of the newly poured concrete. In some homes, the original floor is thin (particularly older “antique” home) or concrete is poured directly on the dirt with no stone aggregate under the concrete. This means the moisture in the earth will migrate through the concrete floor from capillary moisture. This is called wicking and it will take time for the moisture to evaporate. Signs of wicking is when a dehumidifier should be considered for your home.

How much square footage can my dehumidifier handle?

Dehumidifiers are rated at different sizes for different applications. It’s important to size a unit effectively. It is also important to install an efficient system that can circulate air, dehumidifying the air column, and one that can be serviced for longer life.

Is there a warranty on the drain system?

Yes, there is a life-of-house warranty on the Grate Drain system. Pumps and mechanical items are backed for the duration of the manufacture warranty. Talk with your EcoSpect representative to review specific warranties to your product choices.

What is the difference between horizontal and vertical cracks in my foundation?

In general, there are two types of cracks – horizontal and vertical. Typically, a vertical crack is an indication of settlement in the footer. A typical vertical crack is “V” shaped as the top of the crack is wider and narrows at the bottom. This is because the footer has settled and the wall has separated further at the top (like a scissor effect). Often when there is a vertical crack you will find a “sister” crack on an opposing wall. Horizontal cracking is typically caused from soil expansion. Frost heaving is one of the most common causes of horizontal cracking. This is generally considered to be more concerning structurally because the wall loses its ability to provide lateral support. Although horizontal cracking can take many years to become a significant fissure collapse and catastrophic failure happens nearly instantaneously. A hairline crack may not be considered significant, it is important to closely monitor the wall for additional movement. In a sense, the house is telling you it has a “headache”. Remember: every big crack starts out small.

Tell me about your payment options?

EcoSpect requires a deposit to schedule your installation and the balance is due upon completion of the installation. We accept checks onsite or in the mail and credit cards both in-person or over the phone.

Do you service my area?

Visit our coverage area at the bottom of our home page for further mapping, but EcoSpect covers the entire central NY and Finger Lakes region.

Do I really need a battery backup?

Having a battery backup is a personal preference but is recommended by EcoSpect. When a power outage happens during stormy conditions your pump will continue to run with a battery backup. We power your primary cast iron pump with an inverter system. This is automatic start and stop and recharges independently.